Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you getting restless after attending numerous mundane traditional bachelorette parties? It is time for you to think out of the box! Avoid the typical bachelorette party event in the night clubs or on-the-go shopping spree in the malls. Let the bride-to-be feel the intensity of your innovative ideas, giving her fond memories with you and her girlfriends.

First and foremost issue for consideration, these bachelorette party ideas should be align in the interests of the bride’s personality and preferences as the pole position for the night belongs to her. Acquire all her preferences from various peoples such as bosom friends, outgoing relatives, family members and, the bridegroom of course. List down all the likes and put them into practice right away! The bachelorette party ideas may not be limited to merely engaging male strippers or hitting the bars.


Here are 7 most awesome bachelorette party ideas in town for the bachelorette to celebrate


#1 In-house self-service facial therapy. Ladies, of all ages, are always concern about their facial conditions. This bachelorette party theme is to host partner-service hands-on facial treatments. Get the girls to help apply facial products and serve each other wholeheartedly, they will have a great time enjoying themselves albeit being an in-house partner-service movements. First things first, help the bride to wear a facial mask and geared her towards raw fruits such as cool cucumbers, neatly sliced tomatoes and freshly brewed guava juices. Proceed to aid others to apply sticky face masks. While the mass masking treatment is ongoing, spend the time sharing little secrets about the bride from all perspectives and she will be happily embarrassed all the time. Upon completion in removal of face masks, it is time for a fruit facial treat! Get the skinned cucumbers on the cheeks and juicy tomatoes on the ever-glowing radiant eyes. All of you will feel ultra-refreshed after the fruity spree. An act of fun mischief is encouraged to beef up the party themes, this can be done when you are helping your friends wear the fruit items. After shading their eyes with big huge tomatoes, it is time to draw turtles or hearts on their faces. Help yourselves with markers and start outlining their eyebrows and follow the shapes of the fruits. As for those who had fallen asleep, a good grin of mischief will be imposed as a penalty. Have a very good hearty laugh after the entire bachelorette party session ends!


#2 Low key indulgence parties. What about a royal movie rumble marathon? Head down to town and rent a whole lot of movies of different genres; wedding movies, action pack series, gaming shows and hot dancing chicks. During the day, fetch the girls in a hired limousine to the salon and perform extreme makeovers. Thereafter, order pizza deliveries with tons of finger snacks, deliver alcoholic beverages and fruit punches home. It is time to spare some relax and chill time with your bride and bridesmaids. There is nothing much in the activity rooster as these bachelorette party ideas are meant for absolute relaxation and meaningful engagements. For the brides who are non-adventurous, this is the perfect party theme for them to indulge in!


#3 Deviant and sexy party goers. As for the naughty brides, this serves well for a moderate kinkiness yet not too radical. Make the guest list relevant and invite those who are able to enjoy while being decently naughty and challenging. The ‘X’ factor of this bachelorette party is on the exotic mobility movements. If the bride is a dancer, a pole dance with the groom being the pole is quite an enjoyable one. Exotic dancing can be demonstrated here with some creative action plans too. Do consider ordering finger foods and not heavy meals as there are going to be many ongoing spinning and dancing actions during the bachelorette party games.


#4 Mega dinners for the foodie bride. Are you ladies a feaster? Do not be alarmed to see brides enjoying buffets and large quantities of food, it is quite common nowadays. Arrange a buffet town treat for food gourmets and uproot the entire restaurant serving buffet meals. It is time to create a massive upheaval in these seemingly active buffet companies touting their horns on the varieties and quantities being offered. Rack these restaurants inside out and leave their jaws wide-open throughout the whole feasting period. Squeeze the outlets dry with a nice cleanup and the foodie bride will remember this very amazing day whereby restaurants organizing buffet meals are being recalled for financial planning!


#5 Being a sommelier in a winery. If the bride is one of a kind, get her to be a sommelier. Wine tasting is classified as a highly intelligent sophisticated preposition. The bride-to-be is going to have a havoc time identifying the different wines being offered to her. Get the bachelorette to taste different samples from a vast array of red and white wines. Some challenging bachelorette party ideas like mixed favors may be used to create a complex taste for the maid of honor to crack her brains. Cabinet Sauvignon Blanc is relatively easy to identify hence it should be proposed as the early stages of wine tasting. Moving at an incremental rate, proceed to bring out an aged Merlot for her to distinguish and finally a Pinot Noir as a finisher. By that time, the bride-to-be may be knocked out due to the alcoholic content.


#6 Riding a cruise together with love ones. How about a day off in a cruise tour with full-fledged facilities? Indeed, gather your party guests and bring them up the yacht filled with full-suite services for them to enjoy. A spa therapy in a cruise is one experience that no one will ever forget. Having a personal poker room for everyone to kill time is quite an experiencing one too. Bring them out to the deck for breezy scenery is an option not to be missed. Shopping galore is a probable choice for all time shoppers. Come out to view Lake Michigan and all of you will be overwhelmed! Be creative in route planning, having an eye opener on architectural towers, mind-blowing museums and themed boutique hotels are great selection choices. There is never ending possibilities for you to plan!


#7 A picnic off the shores. The bachelorette party can be as simple as going to an island to have picnic sessions. This is quite memorable as not many people are willing to travel to another island just for a picnic session under then scorching sun. The beauty of this party idea is the low expenses yet getting to enjoy a vast range of natural products. The sand is great to lie down or whack a volleyball game with your girlfriends. A nice ‘free’ sun tanning session is always welcome from ladies who are outgoing.


As you can see, there is a great deal of bachelorette party ideas awaiting your approval. Do not limit to various ideas but try to compound many ideas to form a unique and unforgettable exposure for the bride-to-be.

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